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Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, 23-year-old KAIA is redefining the world of contemporary music. Being immersed in the city’s arts culture, KAIA found freedom in art, design and music, providing her with an intricate background in each.


KAIA’s family have been involved in music from the time she was young ensuring that music was a large part of her life growing up. KAIA’s passion for music stems from her love of R&B and Soul music. With inspirations such as; Lauryn Hill, Sia, Ella Fitzgerald and Adele, KAIA’s sound is infused with authentic soul like vibe, with touches of electronic and modern sounds giving her a unique and alluring sound.

KAIA’s unparalleled sound and background in art are mirrored in her fashion and aesthetic. Inspired by modern street wear and Japanese fashion, KAIA’s mix of bold colour and grungy street style reflects her edgy sound. Having performed at numerous high-ticket events such as the NBL, WNBL finals and Australian festivals, it is clear that she is about to take the music world by storm.

© 2017 by Kaia Kingsley